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"How Having a Wind Inspection on Your Home Can Save You Money!"

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satisfied customer from E Florida Homeowners Insurance.com“You found me a $350,000 Homeowners Property policy with $300,000 liability and a $1000/2% Deductible MY POLICY COST ONLY $929.00 PER YEAR!” Best service Ever!
– Craig P, Bradenton, FL

satisfied customer from E Florida Homeowners Insurance.com“I purchased a $460,000 Homeowners Policy with $300,000 liability and a $1000/ 2% Deductible. MY POLICY COST ONLY $1,150.00 PER YEAR!” Thanks again for your SAME DAY policy issue!
– Tony B., Bradenton, FL

satisfied customer from E Florida Homeowners Insurance.com“I purchased a $330,000 Custom Homeowners policy with $300,000 liability and a 1000 / 2% Deductible. MY POLICY COST ONLY $894.00 PER YEAR!” I did not have to wait on hold to get a quote- that was a plus! Not only was your rate very competitive, but you issued my policy within hours of my call. Kudos!
– Katie, S., Bradenton, FL

satisfied customer from E Florida Homeowners Insurance.com“I purchased a $447,000 Homeowners Policy with $500,000 liability and a 1000/ 2% Deductible. MY POLICY COST ONLY $1055 PER YEAR!” Thank you. I highly recommend you!
– Phillip S., Bradenton, FL

satisfied customer from E Florida Homeowners Insurance.com“I recommend you to ANYONE! I called and purchase $175,000 Policy with $300,000 liabiltiy coverage and a 2500/2% deductible. My home built in 1957 was expensive to insure at other agencies, But with you, MY POLICY COST ONLY $830.00 PER YEAR!” Best of all, the whole thing took me only 15 minutes- thanks again!
– Chad S, Bradenton, FL

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